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Grace Solar Pakistan a well known name in the industry offering services in solar, wind, hydro, and thermal sectors.is our valued partner, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation in the solar energy industry. With a shared vision for sustainable solutions, Grace Solar brings expertise and reliability to our collaborative efforts.


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About Us

Welcome to Prism solar energies

Established in 2016, Prism Solar is a leading renewable energy solutions provider in Pakistan and Afghanistan, collaborating with Grace Solar Pakistan. They offer services in solar, wind, hydro, and thermal sectors, leaving a positive impact on environmental protection and social responsibility. The organization aims to break the cycle of energy deficiency, fostering self-reliance and progress. Working with national and international partners, Prism Solar is committed to delivering customized, resource-efficient solutions for a brighter Pakistan. As a technical partner and representative of renowned American and European solar brands, including Lorentz, OutBack Power, Apollo Solar, Dulas, Senersun, and Canadian Solar, the company ensures the highest reliability standards for client investments.

we pioneered renewable energy solutions

Our initiatives have made a positive impact on local communities

our projects underscore our commitment to scalable.

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Message from the CEO

Our Services

We Are Pioneers In The World Of Renewable Energy

Residential Solar Installations

Bringing solar power to homes, our residential installations provide clean and sustainable energy, reducing electricity bills while contributing to a greener environment.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Tailored for businesses, our commercial solar services help enterprises harness solar energy to cut operational costs, enhance sustainability, and meet corporate social responsibility goals.

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Solar Water Pumping Systems

Transforming agriculture, our solar water pumping systems provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution, ensuring a consistent water supply for irrigation in remote areas

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Solar Street Lighting:

Illuminating communities with renewable energy, our solar street lighting solutions enhance safety and visibility while minimizing environmental impact and reducing electricity expenses.

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Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Bridging energy gaps in remote locations, our off-grid solar solutions empower communities by providing access to electricity, improving living standards, and fostering economic development.

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Solar Microgrids:

Revolutionizing energy distribution, our solar microgrid services offer a decentralized and resilient power supply, particularly beneficial in areas with unreliable grid connections, ensuring continuous energy access.

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Why Choose Us!

Complete Commercial & Residential Solar Systems

Elevate your energy independence with our comprehensive range of commercial and residential solar systems. From sleek rooftop installations for homes to scalable solutions tailored for businesses, our solar systems seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with sustainable power, ensuring a brighter and greener future for all.








Our Projects

Visit Our Latest Solar And Renewable Energy Projects

Solar Panels

We Are pioneers of solar & renewable energy industry

Tube Wells

Empowering agriculture with sustainable water solutions through our efficient solar tube well service

Hydropower Plants

We Are pioneers of solar & renewable energy industry

Solar Wind

Harvesting clean energy from the breeze with our innovative solar wind solutions for a greener tomorrow.

Solar Microgrids

Empowering off-grid communities with self-sustaining solar microgrids, ensuring reliable and clean energy access.

Solar Rooftop Installation

Harnessing sunlight on rooftops to generate clean and renewable energy for homes and businesses
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Fatima Ahmed
Chief Marketing Officer (CTO)
Ali Raza
Chief Technical Officer (CMO)

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